Atlassian Confluence

At Nonadyne we believe that only a team which shares knowledge effectively can be successful. Atlassian Confluence is a sophisticated system for sharing content and knowledge between members of a team, departments and the whole organization.


It allows sharing of files with small and large content, writing of notes, holding discussions, creating a company blog and much more. High-quality content can easily be created in the intuitive editor and shared with a selected group of users. Thanks to Confluence, you can speed up and streamline in-house communication and in addition to that, you will never lose information and ideas again.

With Confluence, you no longer need to send information via e-mail or a shared disk, you have everything you need in one place. You limit the risk of loss of documents, their non-delivery or unauthorized people accessing them.


  • Knowledge base
  • Sharing of knowledge and information about projects, company departments and companies
  • Creation of documents, analyses and specification and sharing of files
  • Invitations to meetings, minutes of meetings
  • Project documentation
  • Notes, comments, likes
  • Company blog and discussion

More information about Confluence and other products from Atlassian can be found on our product website

Why choose us

  • We work on ourselves. Nothing stops us.
  • We keep our word. Always and whatever the cost.
  • We play together as a team. One for all and all for one.
  • Changes are opportunities, not obstacles.
  • Trust and loyalty form the basis of a solid relationship.
  • We create an environment based on the people.

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