Web portals

Successful companies are able to use information to ensure their growth. They constantly perfect procedures to acquire this information, manage it and share it effectively. This is impossible without a web portal providing employees up-to-date and relevant information from internal and external sources.

“Managing a company without high quality information and effective communication is the same as driving a car blindfolded. You cannot see the problem until you hit an obstacle. After the crash, the best case scenario is that you are then able to merely minimise the damage.”


A web portal is, in fact, a smart website which provides users a single point of access to data saved in various information systems. Users thus do not need to login to various different databases, logging in and working on only the web portal instead.

A regular web portal, for example, contains a directory of employees, attendance records, a knowledge database, a module for management or projects or a section for customers and partners where they can enter their questions and submit their claims. We can easily extend a web portal which is already finished to include further functions and connect it to other systems. Portals can fulfill the role of an Intranet / Extranet or be used as web applications for the purpose of marketing and e-commerce.



    • A single point of access to information from various sources.
    • JSingle login and user administration.
    • Support for the exchange of information among users.
    • Adjustable level of user rights.
    • Adaptation of the information displayed specific to the type and permissions level of the user.
    • Access via a web browser / easy-to-learn controls.

    • Sharing of information about projects, jobs, marketing or HR management etc.
    • Integration of data, analyses and reporting from accounting and other company systems.
    • Management and sharing of documents.
    • Presentation and sale of products and services internally, to your partners or customers.
    • Support for Social Business.

At Nonadyne, we most often implement portals based on Liferay Portal and Atlassian Confluence which provide us pre-prepared functionalities which are ready to use immediately.

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