System integration

We operate tools and technology for interconnection of software systems and equipment, from which we are able to gain data in real time or in batches at regular intervals. We are able to integrate, analyse, evaluate and provide data in a clear manner in the form of tables and graphs.


System integration means connection of various software components and subsystems, in order to combine the functions of the individual subsystems into a functioning and comprehensive unit, which provides users greater user-friendliness as well as more complete and more relevant data and information for decision-making.

“Demand for integration of company applications and data is constantly increasing. The importance of being able to view up-to-date and complete data plays a key role in management decisions. This is because every experienced manager knows that what he does not control, he can’t manage.”

A subsystem may be an internet portal, an intranet portal, a document repository, a file service, an accounting system, an e-shop, a reservation system, payment gateway, an organisation’s information system or custom-designed application.

Subsystems have a defined interface, thanks to which they communicate either mutually between themselves or centrally with an integration platform. The job of system integration is precisely this interconnection of individual subsystems.

The basis of system integration is a purpose-designed infrastructure for support of specific processes.


  • Decrease in operating costs
  • Increase in system stability
  • Increase in system security
  • Ensuring further system development

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