Identity management

A tried and tested solution for centralized administration of Atlassian Crowd and Jasig users.

If a company has several information systems, it is usual for its employees to have a separate access account for each of the information systems. In large companies and organizations with a lot of employees, confusion may arise due to the diversity of applications, the number of access accounts and breach of the integrity of user rights. This state of affairs could have fatal consequences for an organization from the point of view of access by users to systems with data which they should not have access to. The answer to these requirements is offered by software for centralized management of users known as an identity management system.

Our company implements Atlassian Crowd and Jasig identity management systems as systems for centralized management of users. On the basis of customer requirements, we are able to assess the suitability of use of one of these tools and we then recommend the best solution to them.


Atlassian Crowd is a tool for centralized management of users and their authorization and authentication when logging in to company applications with the aid of one account. Information about users can be saved in Active Directory, LDAP or in the Crowd database. Bulk authorization can be granted to all applications from one place – be this Atlassian tools, CRM, ERP, Google applications or other company applications integrated with the aid of your own or pre-prepared connectors. Atlassian Crowd provides a web-based user interface, which can be accessed from anywhere. Atlassian Crowd provides support for SSO (single sign-on). After login to one application, Crowd automatically signs you into the other company applications.

Atlassian Crowd provides pre-prepared connectors, e.g. for Google Apps, Sugar CRM, MediaWiki, Drupal and other applications. Integrating Crowd with company software is very simple.


  • Centralized management of users with the aid of a single administration console.
  • Single sign-on – users identify themselves only once and are then also automatically logged into other applications.
  • Is able to work with Active Directory, LDAP, eDirectory and databases.
  • Integration of all applications with the aid of REST API.


Jasig is a freely available tool for central management of users, which can easily be adapted and integrated into the target environment. Jasig provides integration libraries for Java, .Net, PHP, Perl and Apache platforms. Jasig provides a pre-prepared connection with systems such as uPortal, Sakai, BlueSocket, TikiWiki, Mule, Liferay, Moodle and others.

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