Mobile applications

There are several ways to create a mobile application. We specialise in multi-platform mobile applications which work on all mobile devices.


  • You make the work of your employees in the field easier.
  • You provide them up-to-date data and information which will always be available to them.
  • You make their work and processes more efficient and faster, including invoicing.
  • You decrease operational work and make the running of the company cheaper.


We don’t have to create a separate application for every mobile operating system. We build our applications on HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, which work on any mobile device. We are thus able to decrease the scope of labor intensity for implementation and thus also the resulting price.

The basic parameters of multi-platform mobile applications are as follows:

  • They run independently of the platform and operating system used by the mobile device.
  • They are fast and user-friendly.
  • The method of operation automatically adapts to the controls of the given platform (Android, iOS).
  • You can work offline (data is synchronized with the server after connection).

Mobile applications communicate with the company information system from which they draw data and into which they store data. We are able to connect our applications with an in-house information system with the aid of an interface, which this system provides, or we are able to program a transfer bridge which conveys the required communication.

Why choose us

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